Stephan Huang                              Lead embedded / software engineer

Address: 5774 Gyrfalcon Place Carmel IN46033                                                     




● System/Embedded SW career focused on communications between vehicle, PC and embedded networks.


Summary of Qualifications

Experienced with embedded hardware requiring safety & timing critical OS/network communications.

In-depth knowledge of vehicle and computer networks, network management, security and gateways

Proficient in developing programs for automated testing & network monitoring.

Strong knowledge in C/C++ with MFC, Java with Swing and the Android OS.


Technical Expertise

Network protocols (Vehicle)             CAN, LIN, Flexray, GMLAN, FNOS, CCP, ASAM3

Embedded programming                          FTDI , NECV850, TriCore, Arduino, Android

Network protocols (PC)                         TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, HTTP, USB, RS-232

Network Protocols (Security)           RSA, AES, DES, WEP, WPA, Diffie–Hellman

Apis                                                       MFC, Win32, Swing, Swig/JNI, OpenGL, FLTK, Winsock, VFW

Scripting languages                                 Perl, Javascript, ActionScript, DOS, gmake

Vector toolset                                CANoe, CanDiva, CanDela, CANape and CanGen

Concepts                                          OOP, DLL, Multicore & multithreaded programming and optimizations


Professional Experience

Cummins inc (lhp software)                                                                                                  (2011-present)

Software consultant

                Electronic tools, common components comm, core engineering

responsible for optimization, development and support of corporate tool

Optimize corporate tool (Calterm) to alleviate throughput issues on embedded dataloggers

● Created wireshark dissector of the ASAM3 protocol for network troubleshooting.

Implement ASAM3 standard allowing tool (CUTY) to communicate with the J1939 CAN bus

● Created automated regression test suite to ensure robustness of tool

● Mentored new employees on tools / embedded system concepts

● Provided support / consultation on integration with upper level toolsets used in test cells.


Delphi electronics, Active safety systems                                                                (2009-2011)

Lead software engineer


adaptive cruise control & collision imminent braking systems

responsible for delphi’s active scanning radar for gm Saab & Opel Insignia & Zafira

● Direct interface with customer, systems and project managers spanning multiple countries to

   address customer concerns and ensure timely delivery.

● Manage global software team using software change requirements and configuration

management tools

● Experienced in developing in a time and safety critical embedded environment.

● Experienced in coding for a multi-core gateway spanning multiple CAN & SPI comm buses.

● Experienced with fixed point math micros like the NEC V850 Fx3 family.

● Proposed/implemented strategies include primary & secondary bootloader strategies, worst case

   jitter analysis, ramshadow checksum, Full/BasicCAN buffer allocation

● Well versed with GMLAN diagnostic requirements GMW3110, 14241 and 15765


Delphi electronics, Software forward engineering                                          (2008-2009)

software engineer


Saint2 (System analysis interface tool)

Develop in-house capability on vehicle bus monitors and simulators

● Experienced in creating gateways across different vehicle/computer networks.

● Optimized USB driver code and worked with firmware team to increase throughput substantially

● Invented and implemented method of connecting third party vehicle networks software

   to existing Saint2 hardware using Dlls.

● Provided cost savings of $5000 per unit compared to using a 3rd party solution.

Serial Communications Center Of Expertise

Provide assistance to vehicle network problems and perform/develop automated tests

● Extensive knowledge in vehicular networks including CAN, LIN and Flexray.

● Extensive knowledge in vehicular network management over various OSI layers.  

● Expert in troubleshooting / isolating issues involving vehicle networks / network management.

● Proficient in vehicle simulation tools such as Vector Canoe, CANDiva, CANape, CANDela etc

● Experienced with various embedded debuggers including JTAG, Tricore Pathfinder, miniCube

● Developed several programs that run extensive automated testing on various embedded ECUs.


Autosar (Automotive open systems architecture)

Gain expertise in autosar to provide assistance for future integration needs

● Experienced in the vehicle network communications stack.

● Configured and integrated full AUTOSAR stack onto NECV850 embedded hardware.

● Hardware enabled Delphi to demonstrate its AUTOSAR capabilities easily.

  Created and implemented interface for code configuration software (Eclipse plugin) to

    communicate with Vast’s virtual embedded systems (C++) using JNI / DLL

● Emulated entire NECV850 board in software using Java Swing GUI.

● Allowed users to visualize in real time effects of configuration changes.



Alliance group technologies, Software Engineer,                                                                              (2007-2008)

Worked with customer (Delphi) to create user defined scripting features by building a parser and

    interpreter for an automatic code review software based on customer requirements.

Personally responsible for entire language creation, design, implementation, documentation & testing.

Exceeded expectations and delivered product in three months.


 Alliance group technologies, Software tester                                                   (2005-2006)

IT&V (Independent tests and verification group)

● Successfully implemented C/C++ test scripts for the Ford SDARS satellite radio for three model years.

● Ensured that every test round deadline was met and all errors reported.


School / Personal Interests

GPS programming for android (Personal interest)                                                                            (2010)

● Authored app that makes use of sensors such as motion and orientation to minimize battery usage.

● Reduced battery usage by 40% while maintaining decent GPS accuracy.


network interconnectivity (Personal interest)                                                                                    (2007)

● Interface from vehicle to car-puter via CAN to USB, allowing remote control of certain car functions.

● Car-puter to Android phones and home server via 802.11

● Arduino board to TCP/IP to lighting IO/PWM controls, motion sensors and cameras.


Robotics / artificial intelligence (Personal interest)                                                        (2008)

● Voice recognition, Image acquisition, GPS, Obstacle detection and avoidance, 802.11 wireless control with smartphone


CGT Modelling (Computer Graphics)                                                                                               (Spring 2007)

● Firsthand knowledge in 3D rendering using wire frames, projection, texture mapping, lighting and shading

● Created Tiff compatible image editor using C++, FLTK and LibTiff with save, load, various tools, color manipulation, interpolation and quantification, TIFF,BMP and JPEG file format support.


Online Poker Game (Computer security)                                                                                       (Spring 2007)

● Wrote an online poker game based on the mental poker concept (RSA), MFC GUI and Winsock.


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client (Advanced C programming)                                                           (Spring 2005)

● Wrote an IRC chat program that implements common IRC RAW functions using C and PDcurses.




B.S Computer Science                                                                                                               Dec 2007

specializing in computer networks and security

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

GPA : 3.3 / 4.0